Religious Extremism: Scars, Pains, untold stories – The Ukpabi Solomon Onyinyechi Example


Religion extremism is one of the biggest problems facing Nigeria today as a Nation.

Nigeria an overtly heterogenous society is faced with the threats posed by fanatics of the numerous religious organizations scattered all over the country.

Everyday people are maimed, tortured, killed, stoned to death or even burnt alive because of their Belief.

The Story of Ukpabi Solomon Onyinyechi is just one out of the many young people who have faced torture, escaped death had his home razed down and nearly burnt alive and ostracized just because of his believe and an unfounded allegation of cutting down a fetish Tree.

Trouble started when Solomon, a practising christian in his quest to build a House for his family in Umuosu Nkwoegwu, Ohuhu in Umuahia North Local Government Area, cleared a family bush and cut down Trees said to be the abode of deities worshipped by his people.

Precisely on 3rd March 2021, irate youths, mobilized and incited by the Chief priest beat him to stupor on the said site he proposed to build a House for his family and left him to die.

Upon hearing that he didnt die and was later taken to his family compound, the youths in the wee hours of the morning, locked him inside his House and set the House ablaze believing that he is wounded and cannot escape!

Like a Cat with nine lives and the proverbial cow without a tail, the God he serves saved him and he was rescued though he was burnt beyond recognition.

He later had a hip replacement surgery to correct the hip injuries he sustained as a result of the attack.

Many victims of religious fanaticism are not lucky like Solomon to live and tell their stories as they paid the ultimate prize.

Many like Solomon live with physical Scars of healed wounds inflicted on these innocent beings, whose only crime is their believe.

A few who are alive, like Solomon, scarred, burnt, maimed and hounded are afraid to tell their stories and would even prefer to be assumed dead, just to be safe and breath!

For Solomon and His two sons, whose destination is yet to be ascertained till this moment, as they have been ostracized and banished from their communiy, the trauma and emotional torture far outweighs the pain from the fire!

The Last time anything was heard about Solomon was in 2021 when he travelled to Kenya and returned in 2022.

Since then nothing has been heard of the once very vibrant manager of Everest Tristar Ltd, located at No. 54 Aladeola Street Off, CMD Road Ikosi Lagos State.

Ukpabi Solomon Onyinyechi was Born on 3rd March 1983 Umuosu, Nkwoegwu, Ohuhu in Umuahia North Local Government Area.

Like Solomon, a lot of young people continue to live in fear of being hacked down, extinguished or annihilated because of their Belief.

Where is Ukpabi Solomon Onyinyechi and His two sons?


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