Power Generation Rises By 8.46% In One Week

power generation

Nigeria’s power generation has increased by 8.46 percent to reach a peak of 4,469.80 Mega Watts on Sunday.

This is according to the latest data sourced from Nigeria electricity System operator.

The data showed power generated had increased from 4,120.9MW it stood on Sunday, 6 June the previous week.

As at 6.00am on Monday 14 June, Ripples Nigeria observed grid Generation was at 3,937.50 MW.

A Breakdown during the past week showed 4,249.4mw was generated on Monday 7 June, and 4,000.9MW on Tuesday 8 June.

On Wednesday, 9 June it closed at 3,720.7mw while on Thursday 10 June it was 3,517.

Friday 11 June and Saturday 12 June, 3,765MW and 4,115MW were generated.

The data also revealed most power plants operated far below capacity due to gas shortage.

Although Nigeria has over 203 trillion cubic feet of gas, most power plants relying on gas are faced with a shortage, as bottlenecks continue to cause power outages.

Analysis showed Olorunsogo power plant lost 335MW capacity, and Sapele power plant, 450MW capacity.

Egbin was generating at 746MW, Omoku 37.20, Omotosho (NIPP) at 105MW while Afam was generating at 80MW.

Meanwhile, The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has rallied major stakeholders, including the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Limited (NBET) and power Generation Companies (Gencos), over its plans to ameliorate the current gas-to-power shortage.

DPR told the Gencos that there was the need to take advantage of the Nigeria Gas Network Transportation Code (NGNTC) launched last year, stressing that it is ready to work with stakeholders on the removal of all bottlenecks on the use of the code


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