Why I Have Not Acquired A Private Jet Yet – Mbaka


    The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, had revealed why has not acquired a private jet like other pastors.

    The cleric said although he has the resources to acquire a private jet, he would rather use the money to cater for the poor.

    Mbaka further stated that he would not be quiet about killings and bloodshed going on in the country.

    He said, ”His children are suffering. Is this not Jesus who said, give them something to eat. We are ministers of God. It is not that Father Mbaka cannot fly jet but what am I doing with jet when my people have no job and no food to eat?

    ”It does not mean I cannot have millions in the bank, watching the money. Whatever God will give me that I will not use to serve the church and help the poor masses, let it not come to me. People should take things easy and understand me.

    ”Those who think Mbaka will be quiet, you are wasting your time. Do you know how many people have died in under one month in a country like this, how much blood has been shed? They cannot ask me to keep quiet. No blood is worth being shed.”


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